Cyber Program

INSTANT Quoting and binding Process for business with up to $50M in revenue

Coverage Includes:

Data Breach Expense Cover – If your computer systems are breached and there is a loss, theft, destruction or unauthorized disclosure of data, this section can cover costs related to the breach. Costs may include forensics, legal advice, costs to notify those affected by the breach, setting up a call center and credit monitoring costs.

Network Security Cover – Covers damages and defense costs for which you are held liable for failure to protect your network, including loss of confidential data or the trans- mission of a virus to others.

Privacy Liability Cover – Provides liability protection for disclosure of non-public information. While some policies may only cover electronic data, this policy covers both electronic and physical data and will respond to both personal data and confidential corporate data.

Media Liability – This protection responds to your liability for infringement of intellectual property, allegations of defamation, libel and/or slander. Definition of Media includes any digital, printed or social media.

Regulatory Fines and Penalties – This provides fines, penalties, damages and defense costs incurred due to violation of applicable state, federal or international data protection laws.

Network Extortion – In the event your computer systems are under an extortion threat from a hacker, this coverage will respond to payments to limit or avoid potential damage.

PCI Fines, Assessments or Charges – This coverage can help offset fines, assessments or card re issuance fees charged by banks for non-compliance with The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Business Interruption and Data Recovery Coverage – This section can help cover business interruption costs including earnings loss and expenses incurred due to an attack on your computer network. This coverage can also help cover costs necessary to replace, restore or repair data lost during a computer attack.


  • Easy application process with a up-front pricing and simplified limit structure
  • Specially designed to help small-to-medium sized businesses (non-Tech, non-financial) protect against the growing risk of cyber attacks and evolving privacy regulations.
  • Coverage provided by Lloyd’s – rated A (Excellent) XV by AM Best

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