Employment Practices Liability

In addition to Management Liability offering, Empower has created stand alone Employment Practices policies that the broadest coverage and specialized forms for industries that don’t fit the typical EPL model

General EPL form

  • Broad policy language with very few exclusions
  • Broad definition of Employee including any individual whose labor or service is engaged by and directed by the Insured or even those “claiming” to be an employee

Third Party Coverage

  • No insured vs Insured Exclusion, meaning coverage extends to every person at the company, including partners, principles, director, officers, etc.
  • Ability to include coverage for FLSA (wage & hour), Immigration, employee Privacy breaches and workplace violence/employment event response

Custom Lawyers EPL form

  • Policy for written specifically for law firms
  • Coverage for predecessor firms
  • Includes coverage for failure to make partner claims
  • Includes coverage for claims of partner vs. partner

EPL for Staffing Agencies

  • Policy written to address the unique exposures of Staffing Firms
  • Coverage for claims by temporary/placed employees
  • Ability to extend coverage to Clients of the Insured to cover claims made by a temporary
    employee for a Wrongful Employment Act against the Client Company
  • Temporary Employees rated on total billable hours, rather than headcount, to provide
    the most competitive rate.

EPL for Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs)

  • Policy written to address the unique exposures of PEOs
  • Definition of Leased Employee amend to included employees the Insured leases
    to others under a management contract
  • Ability to extend coverage to Clients of the Insured
  • Comprehensive HR risk management services provided by a consulting form with in-depth
    knowledge of the PEO industry

For more information please contact Kevin Miller at 415-796-0627 or kmiller@sociusinsurance.com